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Hi Franco,
Thank you for your own kind words. It's been an honour and a pleasure to get to know you over the years - I've certainly enjoyed thousands of hours of great sound from the Sachem amps and I'm looking forward to adding the Pure to the loop.
Have a great weekend. Chat soon.


Ash          (Ashley Kramer - owner & reviewer of the online hi-fi magazine Witchdoctor - www.witchdoctor.co.nz)  


Ciao Franco

Welcome back. How was your holiday?

I’m glad to hear that the other Pure owners are happy. I’m more than happy – the preamp seems to have become even better over the two weeks. Slightly more open and detailed, also a little bit smoother but it did start off very well indeed. I've found no bad things, it’s certainly the best preamp I've tried with your power amps.


Ash          (Ashley Kramer - owner & reviewer of the online hi-fi magazine Witchdoctor - www.witchdoctor.co.nz)


I’ve known Franco Viganoni for more than 10 years and over that time have come to greatly admire his skill as an audio designer. In 2003 I bought a pair of the original Sachem monoblocks and in over a decade of ownership, I have never felt the need to audition another power amp. The Sachems are the antithesis of warm and cuddly, however if you are a listener that favours lifelike dynamics, realistic musical scale and incredible powers of insight, then the Sachem’s will never fail to impress.

These things are bulletproof, with a frequency range that extends from the centre of the earth to the upper reaches of the stratosphere. But measurements alone don’t tell the whole story – it’s the quality of the sound that set’s the Sachems apart from the madding hi-fi crowd. The Sachems may “only” be rated at 80W into 8 ohm (140W into 4 ohm), but they are living proof that it’s what you do with the watts that counts. With incredible grip and control in the bass (no doubt due to their high current delivery), a fulsome midrange and high-frequencies that shimmer sweetly without ever falling into stridency, the Sachems just seem to let more of the music through.

When he’s not designing some of the best hi-fi components around – including the new Sachem Pure pre-amp – Franco moonlights as the “Hi-Fi Doctor”. I prefer to call him the “Hi-Fi Super Nanny,” such is his skill in bringing recalcitrant hi-fi systems into line.

Franco’s personal bugbear is boomy, bloated bass and his years of experience in tuning many hundreds of hi-fi systems make him highly skilled in the fine art of performing the hi-fi equivalent of liposuction on a fat bottom end. A subtle movement of a speaker here, a tweak of a subwoofer crossover point there - armed with a Schoeps microphone and spectrum analyser, Franco invariably delivers a dramatic improvement to the listening experience.

As anyone who has met Franco will attest, he is a believer in physics and electro-acoustical science as the basis for great sound. Audiophile snake-oil and Franco mix about as well as a politician and the truth. It’s reassuring to know that Franco’s approach to optimising the sound of a hi-fi system isn’t just based on an opinion, a magic box of tricks and a pair of golden ears. The results on the spectrum analyser are there to see – and hear – in black and white (and all the colours of the musical world).

Martin Bell - Auckland          (publisher and reviewer of the former hi-fi magazine FFWD - martin.hbmedia@gmail.com)


Dear Franco,

Firstly thanks again for all your help in setting up the system to perfection, and going out of your way to make sure everything was working well. We don't know if there's anyone else in New Zealand who makes house calls with a spectrum analyser!

The sound from the Audio Pro speakers Avanti A.10, in partnership with their sub and the Audio Analogue Enigma amp was already enjoyable enough, but now, with the Sachem Pure pre-amp and Sachem v.2 mono-blocks, is just glorious! Emotional and revelatory - the overwhelming dynamic range, the immediacy, the speed, the natural and silky timbre, the micro detail and the incredibly clean and fast infra-bass aren’t like anything we've ever experienced or heard before. We’re rediscovering recordings we’ve listened to for years, with the joyful surprise of discovering so many sounds we didn't know were there - quite addictive and also very useful for us who are professional musicians!

Many thanks indeed

Luca Manghi (flautist) and David Kelly (pianist) – Auckland          (davidphilipkelly@gmail.com)


Dear Franco,

I am totally enjoying my new LV.2e + LV Sub sound system 'setup'.

Not only is the marvellous speaker-system impressive, but the Styleaudio USB-DAC also means a definite surprising increase in sound quality.

You have made my 'audio life' much richer - I'm so pleased we have met up and I truly appreciate all you have done for me!

Keep well and all the very best,

Jonathan Besser - Classical music composer - Auckland          (jonathan.besser@clear.net.nz)


Dear Franco,

Yes, you have made something incredible!!....

I have set the Pure, and Sachem V.2 up with the Avanti A.90’s and I'm having a religious experience!


Wiri Kemp - Paraparaumu          (toneelectrical@gmail.com)


Franco! Franco! Franco!  The LV.3 sound amazing, magnificent, spectacular and clean. I'm very very happy and so is my wife. Success!

Thank you.

Respect always,

Mark Matthews - Wellington          (mmasforever@gmail.com)


Hi Franco

the Pure is astonishing! I just wanted to say thank you for making such an incredible piece of audio equipment! I am really loving some of the lost music that was too harsh to listen to. I cannot believe that just the pre-amp makes such a massive difference and you know that my old Sentec is still among the top sounding preamps!

Have a good rest of the week

Tas Matiatos - North Shore City          (tas.matiatos@gmail.com)


I have slowly built up over several years a sound system with the assistance of Franco Viganoni. This now comprises a pair of Audio Pro Avanti A.70 speakers, with matching Audio Pro subwoofer ACE-Bass3, driven by two Sachem V.2 mono blocks, and most recently the Sachem Pure preamplifier (my previous system had involved Plinius amplification and Thiel floorstanders). I’ve fortunately got quite a large room with a high ceiling which is used as my listening room, with double doors opening on the back wall into another room. It provides a good acoustic space for the sound system with an escape as well for very deep bass frequencies. Franco used a spectrum analyser to find the best location for the speakers, demonstrating that when properly placed they provide a completely flat response (with similar experimentation used for the subwoofer placement).

The overall result has completely exceeded my expectation of what you can achieve with a system like this and the new Sachem Pure has provided the final icing on the cake. There is immense power when you need it. For instance the Tchaikovsky symphonies with Antal Dorati on the Mercury Living Presence label (MLP). MLP is well known for its analogue recordings from the 1960s which were made using a 3 mike technique recorded on to 35mm film tape and have since been carefully transferred to digital CD format. For those who know the 1st movement of the 6th symphony, the second subject slowly fades into silence and then suddenly the recapitulation starts with the most violent chord at fortissimo before building over the next 2 to 3 minutes to an amazing climax. This section is just incredible with the Audio Pro - Sachem system. You can partly explain this by talking about frequency response, the zip of the transients, the incredible depth to the sound stage etc, but what matters is that it is just such a profound listening experience and you can listen to it at something approaching real life sound levels.

I also love solo piano recordings. They often have their own personality influenced by the source piano, the recording technique and recording acoustic. Alexander Lonquich’s recording of Schumann’s Kreisleriana on the ECM label is probably my favourite for the absolute beauty of the piano sound. The bell like quality of the resonance and overtones in different registers is exquisitely reproduced with this system.

This is also the sound system I use with my TV. I personally think it’s better to invest in 2 excellent stereo speakers (and amplification) and a subwoofer rather than multiple mediocre speakers in a surround sound system. The Audio Pro - Sachem system can provide atmosphere in spades when called on to do it. There’s a wonderful soundtrack to the TV series “Halt and catch fire” by Paul Haslinger (originally of Tangerine Dream fame) featuring electronica synth music. Sounds awesome on this system.

Andrew Macann - Auckland



Your help and knowledge of subwoofers has really been extremely helpful.  I’ve been particularly impressed at your responsiveness to questions and your desire to help.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount from your website and from speaking to you over the phone and email.   Without your assistance I would not be getting the most out of my equipment.

You insight into Audio Pro equipment and subwoofer technology is excellent.

Thank you again for providing a first-rate service.

Morgan Insua - Los Angeles - California - USA          (minsua@arnicaconsulting.com)


After decades of investing in top end hi-fi and trying hi-end equipment, now, for serious listening to classical music, I use Franco Viganoni’s Sachem Pure preamplifier, Sachem power mono-blocks and Audio Pro speakers + subs. Franco has personally set up and tuned the system to perfection, using the spectrum analyser, and I consider this system produces the most musical, clean, deep and dynamic sound I have heard. Once you start listening to it, you can’t stop!

Peter Rowe - Auckland          (pj.rowe@xtra.co.nz)


Franco is a rare find. Not only does he stock the beautiful and innovative Audio Pro wireless products, like the incredibly sounding AllRoom Air One I bought from him, but he genuinely cares about his customers like they are family. What's more amazing is that I feel like family despite never meeting him in person! He continuously went above and beyond to make sure every last question of mine was answered -- before and after the sale. I highly recommend Franco and his organization.

Hammings Stallings - Austin - Texas - USA          (hammans.stallings@gmail.com)


Good morning Franco,

I'm still listening and rejoicing in the quite wonderful sound.  I thought it was very good before, with just the Sachem amps and the Rotel preamp, but the warmth and gentleness of the new Pure, along with all the wonderful clarity and speed, is just euphoric!  I'm now working my way through every CD of classical music I own.  Tim is particularly thrilled at how listenable (i.e. not in your face demanding) the Pure makes even the hardest of rock sounds because that was something the previous preamp didn't quite do. I'm really at loss for words to say how much I love it and that doesn't often happen to me!

We'll put together all our enthusiastic adjectives to go online when I can grab Tim after work.

A thousand thanks

Lane West Newman - Auckland          (l.westnewman@auckland.ac.nz)


Hi, my new Pure sounds really great and it seems to be the perfect partner for my Sachem mono-blocks!  The music is even clearer and more transparent than before, but also noticeably sweeter.  For example, bells seem to tingle in the air, rather than simply ring.  It has also eliminated some of the harshness produced by poor recordings.  My wife even said the system sounds good, which she never said before I got it.

Many thanks!

Sam Rowe - Wellington          (sam.rowe@xtra.co.nz)


I could be wrong, but I think I might have purchased the first AllRoom Air One in the country. If it wasn’t the first, it must have been close to it.

Since my purchase however many months ago my Air One has been used practically nonstop and I think it’s wonderful.
I should mention that I have several Hi-Fi systems that include some very reputable British made products that in their own right are very good.
Though the Air One isn’t in the same league it does have a wonderful friendly sound that encourages you to listen to music and enjoy all your favourite songs. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

David Ching - Blenheim          (davidching@slingshot.co.nz)


Your Grace,

I have had a very enjoyable afternoon re-listening to music via my new Sachem Pure. Everything sounds better. The most dramatic change for me is the speed particularly with the really deep bass. The sound is very tight with very rapid response - both the generation and decay of the notes.  Still need more time to appreciate fully!!

Graham Jordan - Auckland          (gcjordan@gmail.com)



The B1-19 sub is beautiful and it gives lovely bass without the boom boom I have often heard from a sub.  I’m very very pleased with the outcome. I was listening to music last night and I can genuinely say I heard notes in the bass I hadn’t heard before!

Thanks very much for such a great product and for the excellent service!

Kind regard

Graham Pomeroy - Wellington          (grahamlisa007@clear.net.nz)


Fantastic service! The LV.3 were really easy to set up and we (although not techies at all) feel confident we can change the position of the speakers in the room or into another room if we need to.

As for the sound – out of this world! They are amazingly clear with a great, deep bass. Cranked up they are lovely. We are really pleased as we originally thought we needed to get a non-wireless system for hi-end sound (advice from a few soundies we know). We were proved wrong. The LV.3 are beautiful – both in sound and in looks, not too intrusive and look very sleek. Happy happy. Thanks heaps

Rachel Kent - Wellington     


Bought the Audio Pro Allroom Air One from Franco. Whatever hesitation I felt about buying Swedish hi-fi from a New Zealand seller I'd never heard of was quickly swept aside after talking to Franco. I sent an email to the Viganoni & Viganoni site on a Sunday afternoon asking about prices and delivery costs expecting to get a reply sometime in the next week but Franco replied within the hour. The Air One arrived in Australia within 3 days.

Franco was right, the Allroom Air One is a wonderful wireless speaker. Compact, beautifully designed and finished. It's perfect for Apple products but it can be matched up wirelessly with just about anything (it also has 3.5 mm and optical inputs). And with a surprisingly big sound for such a small speaker, but not pushed, it presents a lovely natural and airy tone. Thank you again, Franco!

Nazzareno Bruni - Sydney          (nazbruni@gmail.com)


I’ve purchased Allroom Air One speaker made by Audio Pro and would strongly advise getting one for anyone who is looking for a superb sound quality in a compact design. The speaker exceeded all expectations as it fills the room with beautiful and surprisingly powerful sound. Furthermore, it’s design can supplement almost any interior and has a great potential to become iconic. Now the last but definitely not the least, I want to thank Franco, from Viganoni & Viganoni, who delivered flawless personal customer service and went out of his way to post the speaker to Australia. 
I’m looking forward to sporting other living or working areas with Audio Pro equipment and to dealing with Viganoni & Viganoni again. 

Thanks again!


Tadas Lukosevicius – Sydney          (remember.tadas@gmail.com)


Bought the Air One and am chuffed to bits - sound is brilliant for that size of speaker: really rich, gets some good volume without distortion, copes really well with a range of styles of music.  Looks fabulous too.  And last, but definitely not least, Franco was a pleasure to deal with - next speaker I need I'll be going to him first.

Paddy Davies - Auckland


Hi Franco, I got in late last night so have only been able to listen to the Pure for about an hour so far, but my initial impressions are excellent indeed! The imaging is incredible, and the deep bass is stronger too, I had to turn down the sub. The blend of the main speakers and the sub seems better as well. I look forward to spending more time with it.


Mark Hughes - Torbay


The Audio Pro AirOne is a delightful AirPlay speaker system, enjoyable from the moment I connected to it. The sound it produces is crisp clear and detailed and has the ability to fill any room in the house. I use it as a bedroom speaker and usually have the sound turned down. Airplay setup is extremely easy either across a wireless network or by using the Direct Link wireless connection. The ability to also use it by an optical, 3.5mm analog or USB connection makes it extremely versatile.

I have no regrets in buying the speaker. I would and have recommended it to friends both as a secondary speaker system and as a speaker to take to a holiday home. 

Adrian Casey - Wellington          (adrian.casey@gmail.com)             


Having already owned a pair of Audio Pro speakers (Black Pearls) and absolutely loving them, I was keen to add some Blue Diamonds as part of a home theatre set up. I found Franco excellent to deal with and really appreciated his quick responses to correspondence and questions via e-mail.  His thorough knowledge of hi-fi also helped me to set them up so they can perform and be heard at their absolute best. Audio Pro, as a brand, produce fantastic speakers. Since the first time I heard them, I have been smitten with their clarity and detail, attributes that I love in a speaker. I love the piano black finish too.

I can’t recommend both Franco and Audio Pro highly enough. Thanks once again Franco, I’m ecstatic with my purchase and all the best!

Alex James - Palmerston North          (alex.james@tiritea.school.nz)