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Franco's point of view on these DACs and ... more

There is a growing trend in the hi-end audio market to free music from the constraints of CD/vinyl-based sources. With the increasing amount of home automation and electronic integration, the demand for top hi-fi products, which can easily interact with computers and home automation systems, is rising every day. For example, in my own particular case, considering that 80% of the music I normally listen to comes directly from the masters of my live recordings (stored on my huge hard disk drive), the use of a top-sounding USB audio DAC is a must.

Furthermore, I would advise that you use, as main CD player, the combination of the CD/DVD player inside your computer, as a transport, and one of these DACs, as converter. For the astute Audiophile, it could be great joy and satisfaction to realize that, after spending just a few hundreds of dollars for the DAC, he has reached (and in many case, exceeded) the performances of hi-end CD players as costly as a two carats, blue light, diamond solitaire! I do it this way and I have no intention of going back to traditional CD players.

However, nowadays you have at your disposal an even cleverer way to listen to music and it's called TIDAL ( With TIDAL you can now stream over 25 million tracks at original CD-quality and 75.000 music-videos in high definition and immaculate sound, making it the ultimate online library of original quality music for very demanding Audiophiles. It costs NZ$25 a month and you just need a computer (any computer) for streaming and a superior DAC for sound perfection.

Another piece of advice is directed at nostalgic vinyl-lovers, who surely know (I hope) that, every time they play an LP, a deterioration occurs. I'm not, but if I were one of them, I would record all my LPs on a hard-disc, in order to keep intact their original sound forever. An additional benefit is that, instead of materially searching for the desired LP to play, using the computer's data-base you made, you need only a click to find and play the desired track. Furthermore, you will eventually get rid of the usual, long, "religious ritual" of placing, cleaning, kissing ... an LP on the turntable, before playing it! Regarding the sound quality, if you use one of our DACs, it will be exactly the same as the original played by the turntable. Actually, if you record them using headphones for monitoring (not the speakers), the sound is even better, because it won't be affected by any feedback effects, which, among the many issues of the turntable-world, surely belongs to the big ones. Feedback is related to the volume (the higher, the more), but, even at normal level, feedback exists.

So we have done our research thoroughly, and have decided to collaborate with the Korean company StyleAudio, in order to bring onto the New Zealand's market the best value-range of hi-end audio USB DACs.

These DACs allow you to use your computer, or integrated system, or anything digital, provided with an output USB socket, as a sound-source for your hi-end system. These DACs feature top quality audio components from Wima, OsCon, Burr-Brown and Vishay Dale, in order to provide a fully hi-end sound experience. Furthermore, they are designed and built as state-of-the-art and their multi-layer PC-board shows a totally wire-free layout.

About their sonic quality, I just say that I personally use a CARAT Peridot (connected to the USB port of my laptop, fed by an external huge hard-disk) as main sound-source in my reference system and a CARAT HD-1V, connected to my STAX electrostatic headphones, to monitor the editing of my live recordings. I think that, by now, you will have realized that I'm veeeery demanding (if not obsessive) about sound quality and ... I'm thoroughly satisfied with the performances of these lovely DACs!  


now we sell these DACs directly

If you live in NZ and want to place an order, please add the GST (15%) to the prices below and make a direct credit on our bank account (BNZ - Viganoni - 02 0271 0277183 00). To email us your order, along with the proof of payment, your complete billing details and, if different, the shipping details, just click here. The same working day, or at the latest the day after, we will send out your order (free of charge), via Fastway Couriers. You will find the receipted invoice inside the parcel of the delivered item.

If you are a potential buyer outside of NZ, note that goods for export are exempt from GST, so, the prices shown below are the final ones. Regarding the cost of the shipment, please ask for a free quote and we will send you an email, with the best quote we can obtain. If you accept it, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we will email you a “proforma” invoice, comprehensive of any costs and methods of payment. At this point, if you want to place the order, just make the payment (as per the "proforma" invoice) and send us an email with a PDF of the proof of payment, plus your complete billing and shipping details. You will find the receipted invoice in an envelope stuck outside the parcel of the delivered item.


The prices below are in NZ$ and exclusive of 15% GST.

CARAT HD-1V    NZ$ 340

CARAT Peridot  NZ$ 590



Please note that, in the first PDF below, you will find the features of both Carat HD-1V and UD1, which is no longer available. So, to read the features of the HD-1V, scroll down to the third page.


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