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Dear Audiophile, welcome to our web site! We have tried to build a rather different kind of web site, more instructive and informative than commercial and we hope you will appreciate our efforts. We also hope it will help you spend money with wisdom and eventually solve, correctly and comprehensively, very fundamental hi-fi issues that you will never read of in any magazine and never be told about in a hi-end "temple".

We take the reproduction of sound very seriously, so try to find the time to navigate through the different pages and you will become acquainted with quite surprising but all-too-often unheard-of topics: thanks, and ... enjoy!



My name is Franco Viganoni and I have to inform you that my company Viganoni & Viganoni is no longer the distributor for New Zealand of the Swedish brand of loudspeakers and sub-woofers audio pro.

Distributing this Brand has been incredibly rewarding: I started in Italy from their beginning (1978) to 1994 and in NZ from 1999 to the end of last year! audio pro has been the feather in my cap and a big part of my professional success and personal life!  In fact, audio pro has established incredible technical milestones in hi-fi history: the most important has been the ACE-bass patented technology, and, in 1978, they made the first active (ACE-bass patented) sub-woofer in the world, the legendary B2-50, which, after 41 years of service (the only case in the hi-fi history), is still delighting the ears of thousands of audiophiles around the world, including me!

Anyway, in Italy, we are used to saying: "after a pope, another one is going to be made", so ... I'd like to wish a bright future and all the very best to the new distributor!

However, we still have a stock of audio pro speakers (new wireless and Bluetooth, plus "traditional" high-quality speakers and sub-woofers). We are going to sell them at veeeery good price! So ... if you are interested, just contact Franco.


Our company is the proud designer and manufacturer of the Sachem hi-end audio equipment and also proud that such unique and distinctive electronics have made in New Zealand engraved on their back. Please visit the "testimonials" page and, from the euphoria that shines through from the comments of our Customers, you will have quite an accurate idea of the Sachem's performances and sonic qualities! These Audiophiles are experienced music lovers, who have owned and evaluated many hi-end preamps and amps, before choosing Sachem. Among these testimonials, you'll read those of Ashley Kramer and Martin Bell, who, as hi-fi magazine reviewers, have had occasion to audition and test the best audio equipment available on the NZ market and ... have bought Sachem for themselves. To understand the Sachem's "philosophy", and their unusual, but very useful facilities (made to allow you to achieve a perfect setup and tuning of the whole system), please visit the pages dedicated to them. These pages are also interesting to learn more about problems related to preamps, power amps and hi-fi in general: you'll never find a discussion about these topics in any hi-fi magazines!

An additional, but not secondary, activity of Viganoni & Viganoni is to make state-of-the-art digital recordings of live concerts of classical music. In this connection, please visit the instructive page "live recording".

Another purpose of this web site is to teach the Audiophiles to spend their money wisely and learn very important things, which they have never read or told about, but essential to dramatically improve the sound of their systems! In this connection, you must read at first the "school of sound" pages and then "the hi-end doctor".

If you are a guitar player, don't miss to have a look at the "sachem guitar" page.

In the page "live music vs. hi-fi", you will find very “politically incorrect” considerations on the hi-end market, and the best practical method to avoid making big and expensive mistakes, when you have to buy some stuff: don't neglect to read this page!

To finish, take also the time to read the “testimonials”, that are essential to understand more about us and our products!

Please consider us at your service, so, if you have any doubts, queries, angry remonstrances, or just hi-fi curiosities, don't hesitate to contact Franco by email or phone: it will be a pleasure speaking with you!


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